What happened to Cady

What happened to our beloved Cady?

carWE are sorry to report that after five years of loyal and faithful service our beloved Cady, our 1962 vintage Cadillac, has retired. She hopes to enjoy her golden years in a sedate fashion, parked overlooking a lovely garden near an architecturally significant site.

CADY gave her all for Architecture Tours L.A. and carried hundreds of architecture lovers as we made our way through Los Angeles discovering and reveling in our city’s architectural history. Cady was very well taken care of and had a good life for 43 years. She will be missed.

SHE would want us to carry on, so in her place we now have a beautiful deluxe van with comfortable bucket seats, STRONG air-conditioning and two sun roofs for maximum visibility. Not nearly as glamorous as Cady, but she’s a sturdy gal and will serve us all very well!

Please come and take a ride with us!