Cadillac noir and L.A. architectural


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Nobody walks in L.A., so you may as well ride in style. And what better way to ogle some of the city’s most notable buildings than from the back seat of a classic 1962 black Cadillac?

The Caddy is the gimmick, but the structures are the highlight of Architecture Tours L.A., which flit (provided the traffic is moving) from Hollywood’s ’20s-era art deco palaces to the Spanish colonial manses of Hancock Park. Architectural historian and company owner Laura Massino says she’s trying to dispel the misconception that the city has no great architecture. “One of the reasons great architects worked here was that L.A. was more receptive to the avant-garde,” she says. Three itineraries, Hollywood, Silverlake and Hancock Park/ Miracle Mile ($50 per person), are available now, with six more in the works. Information: 323-464-7868;

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Author(s): Jayne Clark
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