L.A’s invisible builder

If you want to see where Hollywood’s stars live, this isn’t the tour for you. But if you’re interested in the architecture and history of Hollywood, then Laura Massino’s Architecture Tours L.A. is the place to be. Forget the van and loudspeaker-Massino’s guests are shepherded around in a black ’62 Cadillac to L.A.’s most significant architectural sites. The Hollywood tour offers more than 60 sites, including homes by Frank Lloyd Wright and his son, historic theaters and French chateaux. Other tours go through Silverlake, Hancock Park, West Hollywood, Pasadena and Downtown L.A. These include the masterworks of Richard Neutra and Greene & Greene, as well as examples of Victorian, Art Deco and Craftsman styles. The ticket price is $60 per passenger and includes a guidebook and a map.

….There’s still plenty ahead. From Wilshire, the Cadillac heads up to the Capitol Records building (where a security guard blocks entry to the lobby), then to the Sunset Boulevard complex now known as Arclight’s Cinerama Dome, where the manager shares a wealth of detail about the design and construction of the dome. But time is tight. Our tour is doomed to stop after just this handful of sites, leaving oh, 100 or more unexplored……